Selkie Explorers is teaming up with two practitioners of Indian and Chinese yoga to create unique sailing and yoga slow adventures. Sail to secluded anchorages, explore the coast,  immerse yourself in the landscape, create deep connections with nature, and breathe.  Allow yourself the time to reflect, to meditate, to eat, to cook, to think and simply be on a remote Scottish beach.

Sail to the base of Skye Cuillin, anchor for the night in a secluded bay beneath the mountains, take an invigorating swim in our infamous Scottish waters, and then settle down for the night to the sound of the seal songs aboard our faithful ‘Selkie’- rocking her crew to a deep, calm, sleep. Start our second day with an early morning yoga session ashore before exploring the island and its history on foot. Hope aboard and set off towards the Isle of Rum, ending the day with a yoga practice at sunset. Start the third day with a walk along the Rum coast or over the mountains to meet Selkie at another anchorage. Enjoy a relaxing lunch and beach fire, followed by the days’ final yoga practice before settling down for the final night aboard Selkie. Start the day with an invigorating yoga practice before sailing back from Rum to Mallaig.

One day slow adventure: Journey to an anchorage within a few hours sail from Mallaig – the wind and tides will dictate where we go, which adds to the mystery and adventure! Hop ashore to explore the coast and find a spot to practise qigong with Camille. Eat, cook, talk, meditate, think and simply be. Sail on to another anchorage, hoist the mainsail, steer the course, learn about navigation and help with the anchoring. The meditative sound of the lapping waves connect us with the power of the sea.

Multi-day slow adventure: Explore the Small Isles and remote Skye. Sail to the tip of the Sleat Peninsula, anchor for lunch and head out on a walk towards the lighthouse and a remote beach for the first yoga practice of the day with Pamela.

“Always I am drawn to the raw power of nature. Its essence one I feel: Feel it standing atop a windswept beacon, hands clasping reins and mane, together, looking out over the Aylesbury vale; Feel it clinging to delicate crimping hand holds up on the seemingly featureless rock walls of the Llanberis pass; Feel it at the helm mimicking a wandering albatross skimming along the top of a South Atlantic swell. Feel it, visceral. Such a strong strong pull and me always powerless to deny it. I started practising yoga and enjoyed it for the physical challenge it presented me. Gradually I adopted a flowing practice that I was able to take anywhere. Life was aboard the boat. Child and tide synchronised my day, not a yoga class schedule. I merged yoga with my outdoor passions and found my enjoyment and experience enhanced. Spiritually and intellectually I felt more complete; emotions precipitated by my time passed in wild places pulled into a sharper focus” Celia Bull, Skipper

"I feel completely at peace with the natural beauty here"

‘I’ve been living in the Highlands most of my life and feel completely at peace with the natural beauty here.  I am lucky to live right by the sea and watching the cycles of tides and weather is very grounding and reminds me that my ancestors walked these lands long before me; the weather is constant yet always changing.  Teaching yoga has been a wonderful journey connecting mind and body and using the teachings of nature as a guide for deeper connection and wisdom.  Finding a quiet spot to nurture the body, with both movement and stillness is my absolute favourite thing!  Sometimes just walking mindfully through the woods is enough to instil a sense of calm and trust that all is well.  I seek to guide my yoga students to explore their body; the boundaries both physical and mental. I will meet a student where they are at in terms of ability and needs, encouraging them to let go of expectations and beliefs and most of all, to enjoy the journey!’

Hatha Yoga Practitioner, Pamela King

As well as being Eigg’s  local historian and fount of all knowledge about the Small Isles, Camille Dressler is an experienced Qi Gong practitioner. For her it is all about connecting with nature to clear our energy pathways through slow and mindful movements combined with breathwork.

“Getting to that state of relaxation called “sung” where your body becomes light and fluid is an amazing feeling. You feel yourself growing taller and stronger and your energy is boosted no end!”

Camille Dressler, Qi Gong practitioner

2018 Dates:

Depart Friday 18th May 2018 9am-5pm Rhu Boat House

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July 2018 Mallaig

These suggested itineraries are dependent on weather and sea conditions at the time of trip.

To book or enquire about Sailing, Wild Yoga and Wellbeing please get in touch with us here.  You can also view a blog piece by Let's Go Slow on Selkie Explorers here.